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Susanne Eman Wants to Be the Heaviest Woman in the World

When Susanne Eman was a young girl, she did not suffer from obesity. But when her father suddenly left the family when she was only 15 years old, her family began to struggle financially. Her mother also developed a chronic illness, and the family’s limited finances meant that the family could not afford her treatment. As a result, Susanne started to eat excessively to cope with her grief. And while she initially started eating more for pleasure, she eventually began to eat too much for survival.

Suanne Eman’s condition

The weight of a woman is measured in kilograms, and in this case, the heaviest woman is 32-year-old Susanne Eman. She is over seven hundred and thirty-two pounds (500 kg) – a weight that is nearly three times the normal weight of a woman. Despite her weight, Susanne Eman is still searching for love.

Doctors initially said that Susanne Eman has a very low chance of survival, but her caretakers are confident that she will improve with time. The doctors who are treating her have taken into account the physical and mental effects of her extreme weight. While she cannot be tested in the United States, doctors in India have begun examining her condition.

Her dream wedding

A dream wedding is a reality for many people, but for Susanne Eman, it means having her biggest wedding ever. Eman was once jilted, but found love again and wanted to throw a big wedding. Her wedding dress was 45 yards long – that’s half a football field! It required custom-made sewing and weighing eight hundred pounds! She ate 20,000 calories a day to make it fit her.

Currently, Susanne Eman weighs nearly sixty stone and hopes to reach her dream weight of a ton! She’s already had her waist and hips measured for a special wedding gown – and it will take 45 feet of fabric to fit her! The wedding is set for this summer, and the world’s largest wedding gown is destined to be a part of Eman’s dream wedding.

Her weight after surgery

Susanne Eman was a young girl who was diagnosed with a severe form of obesity. She was unable to leave her bedroom and is bed-bound. She cannot communicate and spends her days staring at the ceiling. In response to her situation, a Mumbai-based surgeon has started a fundraiser to help her undergo a procedure that could help her lose weight. As a result, doctors in India are now assessing her condition to decide whether or not she should undergo weight loss surgery.

Dr. Oz also pointed out that Susanne Eman’s weight is still too high. She wants to lose 1800 pounds, or about one ton. This would take her nearly two years. She is now eating up to 20,000 calories a day. In the meantime, she maintains that her new figure has helped her stay healthy.

Her diet

If you’ve ever heard of Susanne Eman, you’re probably wondering if her diet is worth pursuing. The 730-pound woman has a dream of becoming the heaviest woman alive, and she eats upwards of 20,000 calories a day. That’s more than three times the recommended daily intake of a woman her age. But she claims that her calorie intake is necessary to maintain her weight.

It’s important to understand that Susanne Eman is not a genetically prone to obesity. She was a teenager when her father lost his job, and the family was forced into poverty. Her mother was ill, and the family was unable to afford treatment. During the difficult time, Susanne began overeating, as a way of escaping the pain and grief that accompanied the loss of her mother.

Her relationship with fiance Parker Clack

Susanne Eman, 32, is trying to become the fattest woman in the world. Her goal is to weigh more than 115 stone within the next decade. She also hopes to become the “fattest woman in history” by that time. Her 35-year-old chef fiance, Parker Clack, is her ally in this effort.

Eman was 800 pounds in the beginning of her relationship with her fiance, chef Parker Clack. The two met online and she eventually moved in with him. She even had a wedding dress made with 45 yards of fabric – more than half a football field! However, she was jilted by her fiance just days before the wedding. Luckily, she was able to find love again.

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