Fat Goldfish and CometsFat Goldfish and Comets

Fat Goldfish and Comets

Fat Goldfish merchandise is designed by independent artists and printed on quality products in a socially responsible manner. Every purchase helps put money in the artists’ pocket. The artist who created the artwork is compensated with a portion of the sale price. As a result, you’re helping support a local artist while purchasing a unique piece of art.

Moor goldfish

The Fat Moor goldfish has a striking appearance, and is very similar to the common goldfish. Their body is rounded and their scales are black with golden spots. Their dorsal fins are lobed and their mouth is elongated. They have protruding eyes. Moor goldfish prefer a peaceful aquarium without fast-moving fish, and do not live in ponds.


The fat gold fish, Ryukin, is an omnivore and can eat a variety of food. This species is commonly kept in tanks that are between six and fifteen gallons in size, but can grow to be as large as fifteen inches in a large tank. The ideal temperature range for this fish is 65 to 72 degrees F, although it can tolerate water temperatures a few degrees higher. The tank should have a fine gravel bottom and be planted with hardy cold-water plants.


The Comet goldfish is a highly energetic fish that thrives in a pond, aquarium, or pool. They can live up to 15 years, depending on genetics, size of the pond, and diet. Generally, they reach full size by the third or fourth year of life.


Comet with two anal fins

A comet with two anal fins is a beautiful goldfish with a distinctive tail. Its tail has two rays that form

a tick mark. Its body can grow to be nearly 12 inches long, and it has a calm temperament. These fish are compatible with many other varieties of goldfish, and they are not particularly demanding. They prefer tanks with cool water, and they thrive in ponds that are open to the elements.

Comet with a hump behind their head

A Comet with a hump behind its head is a type of comet that has two parts to its head: a coma and a nucleus. These parts are both incredibly important and are responsible for giving the comet its distinct shape. This hump can make you uncomfortable, and make you develop symptoms of depression and anxiety. If you are experiencing these symptoms, it is best to talk to a physician to discuss treatment options.

Ryukin with a dorsal fin

A Ryukin has a distinctive dorsal fin hump that connects its head to its body. These fish also have a rounded belly, creating an interesting appearance. They also have double-finned tails with four lobes.

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