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The question remains, however, whether or not the accusation by Eugene Deal is credible. In this article we will analyze the allegations made by Deal and examine the credibility of the accusation. In addition, we will take a look at the feud between Biggie’s manager Diddy Combs and Gene Deal.

Eugene Deal

Eugene Deal was born in 1909 and died on January 4, 2018. He was a self-taught mechanical engineer and owned a number of businesses, including a furniture store in Jefferson, Iowa. He was also an accomplished musician who loved to play the guitar and piano. He had a natural ear for music, and his many recordings have been a hit with fans.

A controversial figure in hip hop, Eugene “Gene” Deal once headed the security department at Bad Boy Entertainment, the company founded by Sean “P. Diddy.” Records of his statements against his former employers show that he often made outrageous claims against his employers. He has also claimed that the Bullets That Killed Notorious B.I.G. were meant for Diddy, the man he had worked for. This makes him a credible witness in the murder of Biggie.

Biggie’s murder

One of the questions that people often ask about Biggie’s death is, was his murder due to gene deal? After all, Gene Deal worked as the head of security at Bad Boy Entertainment, founded by Sean “P. Diddy”. However, his past records show him making libelous claims about his former employers. This included the claim that the bullets that killed Biggie were meant for Diddy. Regardless, Deal was still considered a credible witness in the case of Biggie’s death.

A recently hired FBI agent, Jerry Jaeger, flew to New York to interview witnesses. He personally interviewed Sean Combs, Big Gene’s bodyguard and his cousin Lil’ Cease. They also met with LAPD Detective Steve Katz. Carson was never allowed to see Katz’s files alone and he was not allowed to make copies of them. However, he did notice that the file contained missing photographs.

The truth is, Michael Robinson never said that any police officer was involved in Biggie’s death, only that Amir was. It is important to remember that the police were already investigating Biggie’s drug and gun activities and were getting ready to indict him at the time.

Diddy Combs’ feud with Gene Deal

Diddy Combs and Gene Deal were former bodyguards. The former bodyguard recalled a time when Diddy almost let Tupac Shakur’s fiancee drink his urine. It was during an award show, and Diddy was hoping to win “Producer of the Year” for the rap group Tupac. The fiancee of Tupac was Kidada Jones.

Gene Deal, former Diddy Combs’ bodyguard, recalled a time when East and West coast rappers were feuding. The feud between the two rap artists went on for years. In 1999, the two rappers were convicted of several crimes, including attempted murder, assault, and reckless endangerment. The rappers’ feud was particularly infamous because Diddy was a bodyguard for Tupac.

The feud between the two began with allegations of backdoor politics. In 1995, Lil Cease said that Diddy purchased Biggie’s publishing company for $200K, which was later discredited by Biggie’s mom. However, it appears that Diddy continues to own Biggie’s publishing. In 2016, Biggie’s daughter Dame Dash tweeted that “Diddy and Gene Deal did nothing for her family.”

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