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The next time you are in need of a word to add to your hub, consider the following: Antonyms, Synonyms, Idiomatic expressions, and related words. You can use these words in your hub and improve your writing!


What is the buzz with regards to hubs, hubs and more hubs? Hubs is a term used to describe a large and busy airport that facilitates economic air transportation between a series of remote locales. There are many such hubs around the globe, each with their own unique amenities. The aforementioned hubs are often located at a major international airport such as Heathrow or Gatwick, but not every city is fortunate to have one. In the past, a hub has been found at every major American city and more cities are adding one to their roster. This is a good thing for consumers and travelers alike.

Of course, the hub has been around for a while, but not all hubs are created equal. For example, many of the more upscale airline carriers use a single, or multiple hubs to accommodate their passengers. These hubs can include the likes of the aforementioned Atlanta, Boston, Detroit, Los Angeles, and Miami. However, there are still many hubs to be found in outlying suburbs or even the outer reaches of the country.


A hub is a place where goods are manufactured or traded. It might be a factory, warehouse, or distribution centre. In the airline business, a hub is a central transfer station. This enables economic air transportation between remote locations. You may even have more than one hub in a given city.

Hubs aren’t for everyone, though. If you’re the type who prefers a little more privacy, consider a hub-and-spokes system. Unlike conventional rail or bus systems, hub and spokes have an independent design for the most part. For example, an airport might serve as a hub to a regional flight hub, or vice versa. There are also hubs for other purposes such as sports and entertainment.

The hub is actually a lot more complicated than you might think. The central processing unit, or CPU, controls the rest of the plethora of components. This can include servers and routers, as well as networked computers. Those who want to relegate their computing duties to the garage might have a hiccup.

Idiomatic expressions

Idiomatic expressions are expressions which are different from words in meaning. They have a figurative meaning and often are confusing to non-native English speakers. However, they can be very useful in writing, and help add imagery to written work.

In the past, studies have focused on the grammatical constraints limiting the forms of idioms. But recent research has shifted attention to the syntactic flexibility of idioms.

In particular, a focus on the constructional and semantic factors that shape the grammatical structure of idioms has been made. These factors include:

One way to get a basic understanding of idioms is to look at their context. The context will reveal hints that help you interpret the meaning of the expression. Another method is to translate the individual words. You may be able to figure out the meaning of an idiom by translating each word.

There are two main kinds of idioms: those with a literal meaning and those with a figurative meaning. Figurative meanings are more universal, while literal meanings are limited to the country or region in which the idiom was first used.

Related words

Hub is the center of activity. It can be the center of a wheel, or a central airport. It is also the main stem of a plant. The word hub is often used in idiomatic expressions.

A hub is an effective and important centre of activity. They are a common feature in telecommunications and transport. They are located in places such as a busy airport, central railway station, and a playground.

Originally a dialectal word, hub was borrowed from the word hubbe. In modern use, it has the same root as hob. Although the origin of the word is unknown, it is commonly understood to mean the central part of a wheel, a plant, or a vehicle.

When searching for related words, you can filter your list to see what other words are similar to hub. This can be a good way to build your vocabulary. However, you may be unsure whether the words you find are really synonyms. You can compare the meaning of each word to that of the dictionary definition.

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