Big Head GoldfishBig Head Goldfish

Big Head Goldfish

Big head goldfish make beautiful and elegant aquarium pets. They are slow swimmers and prefer a calm, clear tank. You should keep them in an aquarium with a large filter. You should also use decorations in the tank to give them enrichment. Decorations also make your tank look nice. They are easy to care for and can be purchased online.


The Oranda is a beautiful goldfish with a big head. The wen, a distinctive fleshy growth on the fish’s head, begins growing when it is only 3 to 4 months old and continues to grow until the fish reaches the age of two to three and a half years. The Oranda is available in a variety of colors, but the most popular morph is the red-cap variety, which has a pearl white or silver body and a vivid scarlet head.

The Oranda goldfish should live in a tank that is at least 20 gallons. The tank should be large enough for the fish to swim freely, but also have plenty of hiding places and decorations. You should also be prepared to change the water in the tank regularly, at least weekly.

If you have a goldfish tank, the Oranda Goldfish will happily spend much of its time swimming around and foraging. The fish will also eat snails and small fish. However, it is not recommended to keep this species with other species of Goldfish because they could mistake them for food and cause a problem.


Pompon goldfish are unique goldfish with a round body, a double anal fin, and large, round pom-poms on their head. However, their large head can make them susceptible to injuries and infections. As a result, they are best kept in an aquarium that’s free from sharp objects. When they’re four to five weeks old, Pompom goldfish begin to develop their pom-poms on their nose. This characteristic will take several months to develop fully.

Pompom goldfish should live in an aquarium with water that’s 55 degrees Fahrenheit or warmer. They shouldn’t live in outdoor ponds, as the water temperature will likely drop below this level. Moreover, they need a quality filtration system in their aquarium. However, don’t use too powerful filtration systems, as this will cause strong currents in the tank.

Pompon goldfish can grow up to twenty centimeters (8 inches) long. Their head hood is soft and wart-like. It should extend from their face to their gills and should cover their entire head. The coloration of this fish varies from blue to solid or calico.

Pompon goldfish

Pompom goldfish are unusual goldfish that have large, inflated nasal membranes. The tufts look like cheerleader’s pom poms, and they are fluffy in texture. They are a unique breed, and have a variety of fin structures. The Pompom goldfish also has dorsal fins, which make them a unique choice for aquarium pets.

A common trait of these fish is curled gills, which many breeders consider undesirable. Breeders will often cull fish with curled gills as they are not healthy. This line of goldfish is thought to be descended from the eggfish. A few fanciers have made efforts to re-establish this line, but they haven’t yet found commercial success.

This species can reach lengths of seven to twelve inches in the wild. In captivity, their average length is around eight inches. As the fish grows older, their head crown will become huge. They start to develop this crown at around four months of age. While they may look sophisticated in a small tank, you should consider giving them a larger tank as they grow.

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