Dissonant WhispersDissonant Whispers

Dissonant Whispers is a sneak attack spell that deals psychic damage. This spell requires mystic chanting, and can be used as a stealth attack. In some cases, it can even be used to kill someone. Using this spell can be a great way to get information on someone without being seen.

Dissonant Whispers is a 1st-level Enchantment spell

If you’ve ever wanted to sneak up on a target, you might consider casting Dissonant Whispers. It’s an incredible 1st-level spell that opens up a world of possibilities for party damage in single combat. Unlike other spells, it doesn’t require Wisdom saving throws or forced movement, which is a huge plus for a first-level spell. It also has a reasonable damage output of 10.5, which is good enough for a first-level spell without scaling.

Dissonant Whispers deals 3d6 damage to the target. It can also provoke opportunity attacks and bypass the creature’s immunity to sound and fear. The downside to this spell is that it can be difficult to use if the target has high wisdom.

If you’re planning on casting this spell often, it’s best to go for a Rakdos Cultist background. It lets you use Dissonant Whispers at level one without the need for sorcery points. It’s also a good replacement for cantrips such as twinned vicious mockery.

It is a stealth attack

Dissonant Whispers is a stealth attack that targets creatures that lack Wisdom. This includes Skeletons, Zombies, Kobolds, and Ogres. This stealth attack requires a clear path to your target. It does not count against the target’s movement speed on your turn. It also forces movement if your target fails a saving throw or if it is immune to psychic damage.

The damage that Dissonant Whispers deals is increased by 1d6 each spell slot level. It can only be used by Bards, but some classes like Warlocks of the Great Old One also have it in their expanded spell list. However, if you don’t have a Bard class, you’ll need to take the Magic Initiate feat to gain access to this stealth attack.

The advantage of Dissonant Whispers over other stealth attacks is that it can keep your target away from other creatures and allies, buying you time to reposition. You can also use it to your advantage offensively, causing your target to flee and provoke an opportunity attack from an ally.

It requires mystic chanting

Dissonant Whispers is a caster spell that requires the mystic chanting skill. This spell has a range of effects, but its primary use is against enemies with low wisdom scores. Targets with low Wisdom are unlikely to hear this spell, but they do have a chance of failing. The control effect of this spell is perhaps its strongest feature, forcing the enemy to use reaction instead of action.

Dissonant Whispers is an enchantment spell that costs 1 point of spell slot, and it deals 3d6 points of psychic damage to the target. This spell is unique to the Bard class, and it can be used in many different ways. Its strong control effect makes it a great option for low-level damage. However, this spell can be problematic in a number of areas, and it must be used with caution in any location.

Dissonant Whispers does not inflict the frightened or charmed condition, and the target has to be within range for it to work. This spell also does not affect creatures that cannot be frightened or charmed. However, it is a good option for low-level enemies surrounding boss monsters. In addition, it can be used in the early game to take out low-level opponents.

It deals psychic damage

Dissonant Whispers is a powerful enchantment spell with a 1st-level vocal component. It deals psychic damage to a single creature, which must make a Wisdom saving throw or move further away. A successful saving throw reduces the damage by half, and if the target fails, it must use its movement to flee. This spell is particularly effective against spellcasters.

Dissonant Whispers can be used against monsters and other dangerous creatures. They deal psychic damage to their target and can cause pain and emotional trauma. They can also be used to move away from an enemy and flee faster. The spell also increases the damage dealt by the caster’s level.

Dissonant Whispers 5e deals psychic damage by inflicting terrible pain on its target. Its target must fail a Wis Saving Throw or take 3d6 Psychic damage. This spell can be cast without line of sight.

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