How Many Jobs Are Available in Capital GoodsHow Many Jobs Are Available in Capital Goods

How Many Jobs Are Available in Capital Goods?

The Capital Goods industry is an extremely diverse field, and there are a wide variety of different job types available. For example, Indeed reports that there are over 4,000 engineering jobs available, 1,000 sales jobs, and roughly 200,000 jobs associated with the construction industry. Overall, the industry has a projected need for 2.3 million additional employees.

1.3 million jobs

The capital goods industry is booming, with 1.3 million job openings predicted by 2022. This sector creates tangible assets used in manufacturing, such as industrial chemicals, tools, robots, and buildings. Due to technological change and an aging workforce, job openings in this sector are projected to grow at a rate of almost two percent per year.

Careers in this sector are rewarding and can include a wide range of positions. You can choose to work in management, engineering, or sales. If you’re interested in manufacturing or design, you’ll find plenty of opportunities in the capital goods industry.

Growth potential

Capital goods are used in the production of consumer and production goods. One example of a capital good is the machinery used to manufacture dump trucks. It is important to note that capital goods are not the same as financial or human capital. Financial capital includes funds that sustain and grow a business and is secured by debt or equity. On the other hand, human capital refers to the labor of employees who are able to design and build capital goods.

Job roles

The capital goods industry provides a range of different job opportunities. People in finance, engineering, and manual labor can all find jobs in the capital goods industry. In fact, the sector offers almost 1.3 million job opportunities. The following list will give you a general idea of the types of jobs available in this industry.

Many capital goods jobs involve the production of construction equipment, machinery, and tools. These careers can be found in the building and construction industry in the United States as well as in manufacturing industries around the world. Other career choices include information technology, health care, and financial services.


There are many different types of capital goods jobs, and the salaries of each are not the same. These positions are typically high-paying and require a bachelor’s degree. Some of the highest-paying jobs in the capital goods industry are product designers, sales managers, and marketing managers. Those who hold a bachelor’s degree in industrial design or a related field are usually best suited for this type of position.

Careers in the capital goods industry are often attractive because of the excellent benefits, compensation, and job security. In fact, many workers are very happy with their jobs and would recommend them to their friends. A recent survey of Lockheed Martin employees found that they rate their job satisfaction at four or five stars, and that eighty percent of them would recommend working there to a friend.


The Capital Goods industry is a growing field with many job opportunities. Jobs are available in many different areas of the industry, including management, engineering, sales, and more. Interested people should research job boards for capital goods companies to find the job they want. A job description is an excellent way to learn more about the industry and what type of work they can expect.

Many capital goods jobs don’t require a degree or any previous work experience. Some, however, require a bachelor’s degree and related work experience. The great thing about a capital goods career is that it offers a great chance to develop skills and move up.

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