Having a mehndi design is a great way to celebrate your cultural heritage and ethnicity. Whether you are from the Indian, African, Pakistani, or Arabic culture, a mehndi design can be a symbol of your beliefs, your heritage, and your personality. The design can be a simple and delicate one, or a more detailed one. You can choose a style that fits your taste, budget, and cultural background.

Indian culture inspired

Traditionally, Mehndi is a type of body art applied to a bride on her wedding day. It is usually a temporary tattoo that is drawn on the hand or legs. It is a form of body art that was first developed in India.

The designs are a combination of flowers, vines and other geometrical patterns. They are also a great way to show off a beautiful back. The most popular designs are the flower and peacock patterns.

There are many different types of mehndi designs. You can choose from minimalistic Mehandi designs to elaborate ones. These are the ones that highlight the intricate work that went into creating the design.

Indian Mehandi designs are known for their uniqueness and creativity. Unlike Arabic Mehandi designs, which have more of a traditional look, these are more bold and spaced out.


Creating simple mehndi designs in Arabic style is easy. It requires simple motifs like polka dots or flower motifs. The design is usually accented with shaded glitter. This gives the design a chic touch.

Simple mehndi designs in Arabic style are perfect for festivals, family functions, and other casual gatherings. They are also ideal for children. However, if you are not too good at Henna, you should avoid a design that requires intricate patterns. Instead, you can try a free-flowing pattern. This is also a great option, especially if you have steady hands.

To create a simple mehndi design in Arabic, you need to start by sketching out an outline. Once you are satisfied with the outline, you can continue to fill in the design. In addition to the design, you can add small five-pointed stars to the middle finger and index finger.


Those looking for some beautiful Pakistani Simple Mehandi Designs Images will find them to be very trendy and stylish. These designs are easy to apply and perfect for grooming, parties and weddings.

The most popular patterns used in Pakistani design patterns are geometric shapes and vines. Some Mehandi designs also include intricate motifs such as leaves and flowers. These designs can be applied on both sides of the hand. They can be applied near the wrist or in the center of the hand.

Another design pattern that is popular in Pakistan is the Tikki. It can be in a diamond, peacock or square shape. This type of design is often seen in bridal shoots and fashion shows. The beauty of this design lies in its striking appearance.


Whether you are a bride or a groom, you can get a stunning African mehndi design on your hand and wrists. These designs come with a variety of shapes, textures, and designs. Using henna is a fun way to express yourself and your unique personality. Typically, these designs are used as a part of bridal attire or as a wedding accessory.

The patterns and designs of mehndi have been influenced by different cultures. Those in India use floral motifs and lacy patterns while others use geometrical patterns. Generally, the patterns are complex and intricate. They are often drawn on the hands, arms, and legs of a bride.

The designs of mehndi are usually derived from Indian and Arabic traditions. They feature floral motifs, geometrical patterns, and symbols. Depending on the region, these designs can be complemented by other patterns.


Amongst the wide range of Mehendi Designs, Mandala designs are simple and easy to create. This style of Mehendi is a favorite amongst Indian brides and gives them a stunning look.

Mandala mehndi designs are not only popular for their intricate patterns, but also for their beauty. They are perfect for every occasion and work with almost everything. Whether you want to look beautiful on your wedding day, or are looking for a design that can be used to replace bangles, Mandala Mehendi designs will definitely help you achieve your dream look.

You can find several Mandala mehndi designs on myMandap. These patterns have been curated to give you the best bridal Mehendi Design, ensuring you will have the perfect look on your big day.

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