Maximum Space and EfficiencyMaximum Space and Efficiency

Whether you’re a seasoned DIYer or a novice, a bedroom organization project can be a rewarding home-decorating endeavor.

A great way to kick-start the process is by decluttering your space first. This will leave you with only items you want to keep, making it easier to organize your room in the future.


One of the best ways to organize your bedroom is by using drawers. Not only are they an easy way to tuck away a few extra pieces of clothing, but they can also house other items you might not have space for in your closet or under the bed.

First, tidy up your drawers to get rid of any junk or old clothes that haven’t been worn in a while. Ideally, you should put your most often used items at the front of each drawer and your less frequently used items toward the back.

Once your drawers are clean, you can start to think about what you’re going to store inside them. For example, consider dividing your drawers by color to keep things organized and visually appealing.


When it comes to storing clothes and accessories, closets are one of the best ways to maximize space and efficiency. A closet typically has a hanging rod and shelving to store clothing items, as well as boxes or drawers below for shoes, linens, towels, and other necessities.

Some closets have built-in shelves that are a floor-to-ceiling configuration. This is particularly helpful for small bedrooms with limited storage space.

Closets are also a great place to stash extra bedding, pillows and seasonal jackets. A bench, ottoman or other multi-function container adds a casual spot for laying out clothing and storing other items.

A few simple tips to keep your bedroom organized will go a long way toward maintaining the clean look you’re after. Start by tackling one area at a time, such as your dresser or the back of your closet door.

Under-Bed Storage

Storage under your bed may not sound like the most fun or stylish part of bedroom design, but it’s essential to organizing your room for maximum space and efficiency. This area is a great place to store out-of-season clothing, linens and shoes.

Organize under-bed drawers and bins just as you would organize your dresser or shelf, and commit to keeping everything where it belongs. You’ll find that the extra effort will be worth it when you see how much more you can store without taking up too much floor space!

Under-bed baskets and boxes are other stylish options for storing under-the-bed items. They can hold everything from toys to collectibles, and can even double as decorative pieces that add a pop of color to the room.

If you prefer to keep your under-the-bed storage more protected, opt for a box with a zippered top or a locking lid. These containers are a better bet for storing linens and other dusty or cluttered items that are susceptible to pests.


If you’re battling a cluttered room, it’s important to focus on decluttering one category or area at a time. Start by tidying up and discarding any rubbish.

Next, assess your belongings and put any items that you no longer use in a bin for donation. This initial sweep will make the rest of your bedroom organizing project far less daunting and easier to accomplish.

Nightstands are an essential piece of furniture in most bedrooms. They provide a place to store reading glasses, a lamp and other bedside essentials.

Consider the height and width of your bed when deciding on your nightstands. Tall nightstands elegantly complement higher beds, while a narrow or rounded nightstand can save space in a small room.

If you need more surface area for your bedside necessities, a short dresser makes an excellent end table. Not only do they create storage for books, but they can also manage other small bedroom items such as coffee mugs and alarm clocks.

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