Lay on Hands 5eLay on Hands 5e

Lay on Hands 5e

Lay on hands 5e is an attack that can be used to deal damage to an opponent. This attack costs 1 energy point and can also be used to heal small amounts. However, it is important to note that the damage from lay on hands is limited, and it can be wasted if the attack misses. Because of this, you may want to use this attack on yourself instead of using it on others.

Create a shrine

In 5e, the ability to create a shrine with Lay on hands lets paladins spend one or more points on different effects. For example, one point heals a hit point, while five points eliminate disease or poison. A paladin can spend any number of points on a shrine, but it is recommended that a paladin spend at least five points on a shrine. The effect of a shrine is usually decent, but it takes five points to activate, and it is limited to one per long rest for a paladin.


Cost of lay on hands is a spell that grants a paladin a resource pool equal to 5 times their paladin level. It also heals creatures and restores their hit points. In addition, it grants them the ability to use martial weapons, simple weapons, and saving throws. It also grants a divine set, which allows the character to detect the presence of celestial beings and tell if an area has been hollowed or desecrated.


Activation of lay on hands is a new class feature that allows a paladin to cast spells by using their hands. These spells can be cast to heal and restore hit points. They also have other uses, such as making a shrine. A shrine can be a stone structure that resembles a person’s body, or it can be a shrine of some kind, such as a shrine of a goddess of life. It can be placed anywhere, from a tree grove to a catacomb or dungeon.

Charisma modifier

Lay on Hands is a powerful healing spell. It allows you to heal specific targets and eliminates the randomness of healing. Depending on your level, you can use it on a single creature or multiple creatures. For example, you can use it to replenish a dying ally’s last few hit points.

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