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The “Why Not Both?” meme originated from a commercial for the beer and tortilla combination Porque No Los Dos. The ad features two people debating a question about the tortillas, and it has become a popular meme. People have created GIFs and still images of the debate to spread the meme. The girl who appeared in the ad even has a Facebook fan page. The first image macro version of the meme appeared on the internet forum FunnyJunk, and eventually spread through 4chan and Reddit. Ultimately, the Porque No Los Dos meme has become a worldwide phenomenon, with more than a billion views on the internet.

Mia Agraviador

When she was six years old, Mia Agraviador starred in a famous commercial for Old El Paso tacos. Today, she is an actress, artist, and barista. Her catchphrase is “Why not have both?” and she has appeared in several other commercials and ads with the catchphrase.

The catchphrase ‘Porque no los dos’ has gone viral, and now Mia Agraviador is famous for it. The Sydney-based barista is also known as the taco girl. While ‘que’ is not an accurate word in Scrabble, it’s a good translation for the impersonal expression ‘why not?” This is especially true when it comes to tacos, where the ‘porque no los dos’ chant is common in the United States.

While Agraviador is a full-time barista, she also has a passion for dance. She regularly posts videos of her routines on YouTube. Her catchphrase has made her popular enough to appear in television commercials, as well as radio ads for Triple J. However, she has not always enjoyed the attention she has received. She often has to take selfies with people and is often asked to repeat the phrase for her friends. She says that this attention can be awkward and uncomfortable.

Old El Paso commercials

Old El Paso’s new commercial aims to introduce Mexican cuisine to homemakers in the Middle East. It features a jingle, new tagline and the Old El Paso logo. The film was released in the United Arab Emirates in September, 2019. In addition to the television ad, the company also created a social media campaign.

The commercial is also famous for its cute little girl. Mia Agraviador was just six years old when she first starred in Old El Paso commercials. She has since grown out of her short bob and fringe, and is now a twenty-year-old barista living in Sydney. The commercials have influenced her style, and she is even featured on Instagram with a taco-themed bio.

TracyLocke, the production company behind Old El Paso’s commercials, has updated the taco recipe commercial, allowing consumers to make their own tacos. This taco recipe is easy to follow and comes with step-by-step instructions. It’s refreshing to see a taco commercial with a twist, and one that is fun and informative.

‘Why not both?’ girl

The phrase “Why not both?” has become a pop culture phenomenon. It originated in an Old El Paso commercial, starring a cute little girl. The commercial aired around 14 years ago, and became a viral meme. It has since been used in other commercials, including one for Australian furniture brand Koala. Mia, who was six at the time, is now a 20-year-old barista in Sydney. Her trademark bangs are gone, but her heart remains in her Spanish-speaking roots.

Beer-wine hybrid

Porque no los dos is a beer-wine hybrid, a new product from Three Fox Family. This beer-wine hybrid is brewed in the same way as a California Pinot Noir. Its flavors are fruity and citrusy with hints of thyme and gooseberry. The finish is earthy.

This beer-wine hybrid isn’t the type of drink you’d normally drink. It has an odd musty taste and isn’t meant to be a casual drink. Rather, it’s intended for people who enjoy both wine and beer. As a result, beer enthusiasts will not find it particularly appealing.

The original catchphrase for this beer-wine hybrid is “Porque no los dos,” which translates to “why not both.” This phrase was created as a reaction to a beer commercial. The commercial features two men and a woman discussing the new beer-wine hybrid. The girl ends up becoming a Facebook fan page and the phrase spread quickly.

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