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Soul Hackers 2 Steam Deck Freeze – How to Fix Soul Hackers 2 Steam Deck Freeze

If you’re having problems starting your Soul Hackers 2 game or if you’re stuck at the spinning crystal of doom screen, you can easily fix this issue by following these steps. You must remember that you’re doing these steps at your own risk and should not try them unless you’re sure that you’re able to save your game data.


If you’re experiencing Soul Hackers 2 steam deck freeze problems, there’s a simple fix for the problem. This simple fix won’t require you to mess around with the game’s files or do any other complex procedures. Simply follow these steps to fix the freezing issues. Soul Hackers 2 is a role-playing game where you play the role of a devil summoner in the 21st century. Your task is to prevent a devastating event from happening to the world.

The freezing problem can occur for several reasons. One of the most common causes is a software issue. If the problem is caused by software, try re-imaging your Steam Deck. This process wipes out all user data and installed software. It will also revert your console to its stock SteamOS. It’s important to note that Steam hasn’t yet officially launched this option for SteamOS 3. To perform the re-imaging process, you’ll need to have at least 8GB of free space on your hard drive. Once you’ve completed this procedure, check your Steam Deck to see if it freezes again.


If your Soul Hackers 2 Steam deck freezes up, you may need to update your game to fix the problem. The game may not run properly on your PC if it has outdated files or isn’t optimized for your hardware. Your CPU is not powerful enough to process the game, which can cause it to crash. Luckily, there are some easy fixes for this problem.

First, check your game’s settings. If you’ve tried to play the game on full screen, you may have experienced random crashes. If this is the case, try changing the resolution to 16:10. Another option is to install a program that works with multiple versions of proton. One user found that he was able to fix the freezing issue by changing his proton version from the default to an experimental version. Then, he reinstalled the game from the steam store, which restored his Steam Deck to its original state.

Detailed review

If you are looking for a dungeon crawler that will keep you entertained for hours, then you should try Soul Hackers 2. This game is based in the 21st century and takes place during a war between two factions of Devil Summoners. The story revolves around two “Aion” beings, Ringo and Figue, who have ventured into the human world from their data stream in an attempt to prevent a catastrophic event.

Soul Hackers 2 is a game with a great storyline and characters. The gameplay is good, and the graphics are spectacular. However, the game’s pacing isn’t great. The game has some serious pacing problems and a lot of repetitive dungeons. It’s hard to recommend Soul Hackers 2 unless you’re willing to give it a shot.

720p resolution

If you’re experiencing a freezing issue with Soul Hackers 2, you might want to increase the resolution. By default, the game runs at 720p resolution. However, if you’re running the latest version of the game, it’s recommended that you upgrade your GPU to a minimum of 8GB. The game also requires a minimum of 22GB free space on your hard drive.

To help make sure your PC is ready to handle Soul Hackers 2, you can download Proton GE. This application will allow you to access the latest Proton updates and will help you smooth out any rough edges in the game. Additionally, you can also download ProtonUp, a Qt application, from the Discovery Shop.

Driver update tool

If you’ve been experiencing crashes and freezes in Soul Hackers 2, it’s possible your PC’s drivers may be outdated. These problems can result from outdated DirectX or graphics drivers. You can solve this problem by running a driver update tool like Driver Booster. This tool will automatically detect your PC’s drivers and install them for you. It will then restart your PC and ensure that Soul Hackers 2 is working properly again.

The latest version of the Steam Deck can help you play Soul Hackers 2 smoothly. It will also let you access Proton updates, which can smooth out the game’s rough edges. You can also download ProtonUp, which is a Qt application available in the Discovery Shop.

Changing proton version

Changing proton version to fix Soul Hackers 2 steam deck freeze is a relatively simple procedure that can help you get the game running again on your PC. Wine and the Steam Deck both use multiple high-performance graphic APIs called proton, and you may have an outdated version that is causing compatibility issues. The fix for this problem is to switch to a different proton version, and then restart your console. This will resolve the freezing issue, and you can then play the game without any problems.

Another cause of Soul Hackers 2 steam deck freeze is an outdated graphics driver, or DirectX. It can cause the game to crash, as well as cause low FPS and lagging. If this is the case, you can use Driver Booster to automatically update your drivers. This application will recognize your PC and automatically find the right drivers for your system.

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