Whether you’re a fan of the original series or a modern re-imagining of the characters, the Bratz aesthetic has become a popular choice amongst young girls. With their bright colours, bold designs and irreverent attitude, these dolls are a hit amongst a growing generation of youngsters.

Bella McFadden

Known as the Internet Girl, Bella McFadden has gained popularity through social media and her Depop store. She has also branched out into a plethora of fashion related wares including a teddy bear backpack. Her most notable item, the iGirl pendant, was a big hit. The nifty tidbit is that she sells bespoke outfits for customers. For a fee, McFadden will design a two or three outfits and style them. This sounded like a good way to make a few extra bucks, so she went for it.

Her Depop store gained serious traction during a semester off from school. McFadden’s signature look includes a pair of leopard print platform boots, an oversized T-shirt and a matching garter-belt. She’s also got some fishnets and a few teddy bear backpacks in her arsenal. The best part is that you can buy these items from her at a fraction of the price you’d pay for something similar at a high-end retail store.


Known for her pink and colorful style, Yasmin is a member of the Bratz group. She is also the founder of Bratz Magazine and an aspiring pop star. She has an eclectic taste in music, loves to write and is always ready to spend time with friends.

Yasmin is the second most produced Bratz character after Cloe. She appeared in most of the Bratz collection and films, including the live-action film. She is also a member of the punk rock band, Rock Angelz.

She has a unique style with light brown strands of hair framing her face. She has a beauty mark on her left cheek. She also has pigtails. She wears short-short denim with pockets. She is also a musician, as she plays guitar and sings in her band.

She has a sister, Erin, and a brother, Avery. She is a student at Stilesville High School. She also volunteers at an animal shelter on the weekends.

Gen Z’s fascination with the dolls

Several of Gen Z’s favorite dolls are American Girl Dolls. These dolls were a huge hit among young fashion lovers. Their unique styles encouraged self-expression. They also provided an easy way to boost confidence.

The American Girl brand was created in 1986 by Pleasant Rowland. The line of 18-inch dolls come with accessories and video games. These dolls represent American youth. The company has expanded to include Asian-American and Asian-American dolls. The dolls come in different hair styles and skin colors.

One of Gen Z’s favorite dolls is Kit Kittredge. She was the best-selling doll. In fact, a survey showed that nearly half of the Gen Z respondents planned to see “Minions: The Rise of Gru” when it comes out in theaters.

Forever 21 recently launched a Barbie collection themed around ’90s nostalgia. The collaboration includes animal print sets, baggy cargo pants and butterfly halter tops. In addition, the company has created a Barbie Fashionista doll. The dolls are $115. The brand has also included Asian-American dolls and 15-inch Bitty Babies.

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