The Fattest Woman in the WorldThe Fattest Woman in the World

The Fattest Woman in the World

Susanne Eman is the world’s heaviest woman. She consumes 20,000 calories a day and suffers from an extremely rare form of obesity. Her story is also a motivational one. Despite her health problems, she has never given up on her mission to lose weight.

Susanne Eman is the world’s heaviest woman

Susanne Eman is over seven hundred pounds and is on a quest to become the world’s heaviest woman. She hopes to reach 115 stone, three times her current weight, and plans to marry a chef. Her obsession with weight has made her an icon, and she even has men with fetishes watching her eat. While she is considered extremely obese by most people, Susanne maintains that she is healthy and is happy with her current weight.

Eman is currently at about seven hundred and twenty pounds, but she hopes to reach a record-breaking 1,600 pounds and 115 stone by the end of this year. Her goal is to be the heaviest woman in history, and she plans to increase her caloric intake to get there.

She eats 20,000 calories a day

Susan Eman is on a quest to become the world’s fattest woman. She plans to reach a goal weight of 726 kilograms, or more than 2,000 pounds, by the end of the year. She says she has already passed the former world’s fattest mum, Donna Simpson, and is hoping to reach half-way by that date. She is creating quite a stir among fans of SSBBW.

Despite her obesity, Susanne Eman did not suffer from a metabolic disorder. She became overweight when she was a teenager after her father lost his job. As a result, her family became poor and could no longer afford to pay for her mother’s treatment. She began eating in excess as a way to cope with her grief. The extra food also makes her more appealing to certain men.

She has a rare form of obesity

In the last two decades, Susanne Eman has lived with a rare form of obesity, which has stymied her ability to move. She has barely left her bedroom and spends her days staring at the ceiling. In the hope of helping her, a Mumbai-based surgeon has started a fundraising campaign for her surgery. The doctors are evaluating her condition and her weight loss before the operation.

She is jilted by her fiance after losing half her body weight

Susan Eman was an overweight bride who once weighed more than 800 pounds. However, after losing half of her weight, she was rejected by her fiance. She was devastated and tried to find love again. Now, she is determined to become America’s largest bride. To get to this goal, she had a wedding gown made from 45 yards of material, roughly half a football field’s length. But the man she was engaged to was not so happy with the way she looked.

The fiance had already dated another woman, but he did not want her to lose the weight. However, his sons worried about Susanne’s health. As a result, he was worried about her life. Susanne also started to exercise regularly, and her weight decreased by 50 pounds.

She wants to be the fattest woman in the world

Susan Eman is over 700 pounds, and she is on a mission to be the fattest woman in the world. Not only does she want to break records, but she’s also created a big business around her quest. Many men who have fetishes for women who are over weight are following her every move on TV. Her quest has even caught the attention of Dr. Oz, who was baffled by her story. In response, he invited her to his show to talk about her quest and to help him understand her situation.

Susan Eman ate up to 22,000 calories a day, and on some days she ate over 30,000. This is over 11 times the recommended daily amount. Although she is eating so much, Eman claims she is healthy and that the extra calories she eats make her more attractive to men.

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