Examples of Yellow Among Us CharactersExamples of Yellow Among Us Characters

Examples of Yellow Among Us Characters

You’re probably wondering who are the Guardian Angel and Scientist characters in The Last of Us. Both are important characters in the game and they help you save the lives of the other crew members. However, both of them have a very limited amount of energy and can only be recharged with various tasks. The Guardian Angel, a dead crew member, acts as a protective shield to the other crew members and helps them protect themselves from an impostor.


Yellow among us characters are those who are the worst for crewmates. Despite their good intentions, they can sometimes end up stabbing their friends in the back. This is because they are good at hiding behind words and whipping out weapons when the time comes. They’re also great at getting things done. Here are some examples of yellow characters from various games:

Red: Despite being the most prominent crewmate on most promotional and official art, the Red has also been the subject of many Among Us memes. In particular, many players have taken to calling themselves “Red sus” – which means “red imposter”. Blue: Another crewmate that appears in nearly every game is Blue. Unlike the other crewmates, Blue is smooth and cool.


The characters in Orange among us have a distinctive personality. Orange is a warm color and people with this skin tone tend to be more honest. The Orange cosmetics include the Hazmate (skin), Magmate (pet), Corrupted Official (hat), Carrot Nose (visor cosmetic), and Cap-tain (hat). Each item was included in the original release of the game.

The Orange player is often described as a calm, amiable and peaceful character, while the Yellow player is the solitary and aggressive impostor. The Yellow player, however, usually does not leave a lasting impression. The Yellow crewmate is almost never the first to die.



There are 18 different colored characters in The Among Us, each identifiable by the color of their spacesuit. Most characters will be assigned the Crewmate role, but the game also allows players to randomly choose other roles. An example of this is the Engineer role, which allows the player to use the vents like an Impostor, but can’t be used while a Clean Vent task is in progress.


If you want to create a character who is subdued, cyan may be the color for you. The color is in between green and blue. Its subtle differences make it a great color for a character’s appearance. In addition to being subdued, cyans are very loyal and helpful.

Cyan is a popular color in Minecraft, but was not originally in the game’s first version. However, it was added in a later update and is now one of the most common colors in the game. The official name for Cyan is Red, but players and community members refer to the color as light blue or sky blue.


In the video game “Among Us,” you can choose to play as an Engineer. This role offers unique abilities and advantages that can be very beneficial to your team. As an Engineer, you can quickly move around the map to complete tasks. As an Engineer, you can also tettle on Imposters while they are in the ducts, although this can only be used for a short period of time.

As an Engineer, you will be able to perform various tasks such as monitoring crew vital signs. You will also be able to use vents to check your crew’s health and use them to control the action on the map. This role may cause chaos during a team meeting, though.

Guardian Angel

In Among Us, you can play as the Guardian Angel. It is a unique role, with several unique mechanics and strategies. As the Guardian Angel, you’ll protect your teammates, while also preventing them from being killed by the Imposters. Unlike other characters, you can cast a protective shield around other players.

Guardian Angels are not human, so they can’t cast spells, but they can use vents and reanimate corpses. They also have the ability to double clear a Crewmate. Double-clearing a Crewmate’s corpse will prevent the ghost from marination.

Cyan character

The Cyan character is a relatively new addition to the game. Unlike the other colors, it wasn’t present in the original version of the game but was added later. Although the Cyan character is smaller than the others, it is now one of the most common colors in the game. It is often considered the son of the Green character, and the younger brother of the Orange character.

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