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Real Magazine has an online magazine. The magazine has a large readership and has numerous articles about web design. They are written by professionals in the field and are geared toward the technical community. The website has a web FAQ section. The magazine has also been re-branded as “net” in December 2013 to avoid confusion with the.NET Framework, Microsoft’s web development framework. In addition, the website has a new tagline: “voice of web design”.


The external sheet gives the main shape of the Realmagazine. It consists of two configurations, the Base and the Rotation. These parameters can be freely chosen, and they are used to create the animation. The Base acts on the SX page and the Rotation acts on the DX page. The rotation of the Base is an important parameter for defining the configurations. It can also be changed during the animation.

Base Rotation Size

Realmagazine has a range of dimensions. There are multiple sizes and thicknesses, and there is an incremental width factor depending on the index of the sheet. In addition, the angle of rotation depends on the size of the Base and the overhang of the first sheet. Using these dimensions will help you set the ideal layout for your printing project.

If you want your magazine to be the perfect size, you can choose a Base Rotation Kit. These kits come with 5 6mm bearings and are made from ultra strong ABS plastic. They are suitable for HS-422, HS-485 or HS-645 servos.

Custom Pages

Realmagazine supports custom pages, which you can activate or deactivate as per your needs. Custom pages are designed to have different dimensions than the standard ones. For example, you can choose a height twice as large as your page width, or a width twice as wide. You can also change the orientation of your pages.

To deploy custom pages, navigate to the Basic Samples workspace. In the Relativity Applications tab, click the New button. On the New button, enter the name of the application and the type of application. The new page instance is displayed in the Custom Pages associative list. Click Add to add a new instance.

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