Feather Fall 5eFeather Fall 5e

Feather Fall 5e is an effect that uses a creature’s wings to reduce its weight. This doesn’t give the character any advantage against gravity, however. There are several caveats to this spell. For instance, if a character casts Feather Fall 5e on a horse, the animal still plummets to the ground at the same speed it would if it let go.

Spell level

Feather fall is a transmutation spell, first level, that slows the speed of creatures within 60 feet. Once the creature lands, the fall is over and it ceases to be. The spell can affect a creature that weighs up to 200 pounds. This spell’s duration is one round for each wizard level.

The Feather Fall spell has no special effect on ranged weapons. However, it does affect falling objects. They do half their normal damage based on their weight and height. It doesn’t affect flying or charging creatures. One additional target is affected by this spell per level, and it doesn’t have to be within 20 feet.

Feather Fall is best used when you’re in a tight spot. The cast time is relatively fast, which makes it a great escape spell. This spell also slows your fall so that you won’t get impaled by a spear.


The effect of Feather Fall prevents creatures from falling prone. Generally, a creature can use this feat to prevent falling from high places, but it only prevents falls once. Therefore, it is best to use this spell if you can reach high places without risking dying randomly.

Feather Fall 5e is a strange spell. It allows the target to slowly descend from a great height. Moreover, this ability only works when the character is moving vertically or horizontally. Despite this limitation, the character can still make attacks and cast spells even though it is falling.

Feather Fall also reduces the damage that falls cause. The maximum fall damage is 20d6 damage, or 120 points. However, this damage is capped at 200 feet. In addition, falling damage is considered bludgeoning damage, and damage resists add piercing and slashing damage to it.

Component pouch

Component pouches in Feather Fall 5e are magic items that your character can use to hold all the components of a spell. These items are made of magic-transparent materials and allow your character to carry all of their spell components in one place. These items are compatible with reaction spells and can be found in Equipment.


Feather Fall is a powerful skill, but there are some limitations to this feat. For example, it only protects up to five party members per fall. While it makes a character look smooth and unaffected by minor falls, it cannot prevent continuous falls. This means that it’s best suited for situations where a character is likely to fall from high places.

Another limitation is the fact that it must be used as an action. Feather Fall can only be cast using the Ready action. This means that you can’t use it if you’re jumping before casting the spell. It also requires multiple castings, which slows down the gameplay and doesn’t serve the narrative very well.

Feather Fall is a spell that slows the rate of falling by 60 feet per round. However, you must be falling less than 600 feet in order to use this feat. The spell won’t work on an antimagic field or on a creature that you’re not meant to hit.

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