Tabaxi Monk MerchandiseTabaxi Monk Merchandise

Tabaxi Monk Merchandise

If you are looking for a cool and unique gift for your favorite Tabaxi Monk fan, you’ve come to the right place. The Tabaxi Monk line of merchandise features artwork by independent artists who make each item with quality materials and socially responsible printing practices. By purchasing these items, you’re helping them to make more art and put more money in their pocket.

Feline Agility

The Feline Agility of Tabaxi monk is a powerful movement skill. This ability can double your movement speed in combat without having to use the sprint action. Its range is 60 feet, and it can double your speed without stopping to refuel. However, you can’t use this action if you’ve already reached zero feet, so be sure to plan your attacks accordingly.

The Feline Agility ability of tabaxi monk is a useful addition to melee builds. It gives you a double speed buff in your turn, and stacks with any other bonuses you may have. You can also use this skill to bypass obstacles, which is extremely useful if you’re attempting to close distances. This ability requires a level of lvl 20 or higher.

Unarmored Defense

When playing a Tabaxi Monk, you should focus on two key stats: Dexterity and Wisdom. The former will give you a bonus to AC, while the latter will increase your Dexterity and Wisdom. Both are crucial for the Monk’s offensive and defensive capabilities. In particular, Wisdom will help you calculate your Ki save DC and contribute to Unarmored Defense.

Feline Agility is another great feature of a Tabaxi, and gives you an extra boost when needed. The ability regenerates after one round of stationary rest, and you’ll also benefit from Cat’s Claws, which grants passive climbing speed. As a Tabaxi, you’ll also have two proficiencies, Perception and Stealth.


If you’re in the mood to play a stealthy tabaxi monk, then you’re in luck. These little creatures live in clans and are extremely reclusive. They will keep a distance from both other races and their own kind, but they do trade with one another. While they are wacky NPCs, they’re also good hunters and craftsmen.

If you’re looking for a stealthy Tabaxi monk, then the Way of the Sun Soul subclass may be just what you’re looking for. This subclass gives you ranged viability, which many monks lack. However, the mechanics aren’t the most fun, and you need to burn a lot of Ki Points to use it. While it’s not the most effective subclass for a stealthy Tabaxi, it’s definitely a lot of fun if you’re playing one for non-combat purposes. And if your Dungeon Master doesn’t like it, you can always rework it to make it more fun.


The Perception of Tabaxi monks is based on a deity called the “Cat Lord.” The Tabaxi believe in a trickster god responsible for creation. This fickle deity roams the planes and the wider world, helping the Tabaxi when they are nearby but not assisting them when they are elsewhere. They are renowned for being nosy and cunning, but are not particularly good with magic.

Tabaxis are mercurial and are prone to becoming fixated on one thing or concept. They are not paladin-like, but they do tend to be more like martial arts masters.

Empty Body

The Empty Body of tabaxi monk is a monk that lives a simple, devout life. They must live near a monastery in order to worship and be able to practice their religion. As a result, tabaxi are generally not suited for other roles such as being spies or assassins. They also do not serve as wanderers or missionaries because their divine power prevents them from doing so.

The Empty Body of tabaxi monk has many strengths and benefits. While monks do not have a high base hit chance, they can excel in combat with various feats and abilities. For example, the Monk can increase his damage output by gaining +2 Constitution and +1 Dexterity. He can also enhance his speed with Feline Agility, which doubles his speed for a round.

The Way of Mercy

The Way of Mercy of Tabaxi Monk is a type of healer in the D&D world. These monks are often found in areas of great need. These monks have a strong sense of compassion and are very pragmatic. They are also known for their willingness to speak the truth even if it is uncomfortable for them. They serve an important purpose.

This monk subclass grants an increase to unarmed strike damage. It is particularly useful if you use a spear. The extra attack increases the damage of unarmed strikes by 1d6. The monk also gains Stunning Strike, which robs a creature of its turn and causes it to fail saving throws. This gives the Monk player a huge advantage when attacking a creature.

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