Legends of GuitarLegends of Guitar

Legends of Guitar

Jimmy Page is a legendary guitarist. He has worked with many famous musicians, including Aretha Franklin, King Curtis, and Wilson Pickett. He also recorded with Eric Clapton. His Layla and Other Love Songs album features a variety of memorable tracks. Despite his short life, Jimmy Page has achieved a legendary status in the world of music.

Steve Lukather

Steve Lukather is a legendary guitarist who plays jazz fusion, blues, and rock music. His unique playing style is described as intense and melodic. He likes to use chordal clusters and has been influenced by many rock and blues guitarists.

Ritchie Blackmore

If you are a guitar player, you are aware of the legendary Ritchie Blackmore. He is renowned for his jaw-dropping solos, and he is also a master of guitar technique. If you want to improve your playing, you can follow his advice and learn from his example.

Eddie Van Halen

Eddie Van Halen is widely considered one of the greatest guitarists of all time, and his influence on the modern rock genre is undeniable. He helped popularize a technique called ‘two-hand tapping,’ which allows guitarists to play rapid arpeggios with two hands on the fretboard. The legendary guitarist was never taught to read music, but was a gifted improviser. As a child, he sat through numerous Bach and Mozart recitals and improvised as he listened. He also won the piano competition at Long Beach City College, but he soon gravitated towards rock music.

Robert Johnson

As a child, Robert Johnson grew up on a Mississippi plantation. A legend says that, at midnight, a large black man who was known as the Devil appeared to him. This mysterious man promised to endow Johnson with supernatural musical abilities and, in return, demanded his soul. Despite the legend’s unlikely origin, the legend has become a popular one in the music world.

Jimi Hendrix

The late Jimi Hendrix left this world too soon, but not before reimagining rock music and the guitar. With his playing, songwriting, production, and singing, the late legend brought rock music to a whole new level. Although he is only one of the many amazing guitarists, his impact and influence cannot be overlooked.

David Gilmour

The guitar that made David Gilmour famous has been referred to as a ‘Black Strat.’ It was a guitar that he wore on stage while performing Comfortably Numb. He recorded most of his solo albums on this guitar. Its tremolo system is one of the most prominent features of the instrument.

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