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Social Rebel App Review – Is Social Rebel Really Worth Your Time?

The Social Rebel app is a scam. The app promises you cash if you complete tasks. But it makes up excuses to not pay you. We spent over a week testing it and we’re very disappointed! Social Rebel is an awful place to spend your time. It’s not worth your money, and you’ll only end up wasting your time.

Paid surveys

If you want to take paid surveys on SocialRebel, you’ll need to register for the app. After you register, you can start viewing the available surveys. Just log in and click on the “OfferCenter” link on the left side of your dashboard to see the available surveys. Be warned: not all of them are genuine. In fact, some of the surveys on SocialRebel are actually offered on other sites. The rewards are not nearly as good as those you’ll receive from surveys offered on other websites.

Paid surveys on social rebel app work in a similar way to apps: you’ll be told to complete surveys that will help the company improve their services. In return, the survey companies will pay you for your opinion. The money you earn will go towards the growth of these companies.

Paid app testing

Social Rebel is a company that makes money by providing paid app downloads. This service is paid by tech companies who want to get feedback from users. Some of the apps that they are paying for are actually tested and given to users for feedback. However, you do not need to be a tech genius to participate in this program.

Paid social rebel app testing offers an easy and convenient way to make extra cash. The site has hundreds of products and apps for you to try out and earn money. You can also choose to share the website with your friends, so they can also benefit from it. The site does have a few flaws, but overall, it’s a good way to earn extra cash.

Paid referral program

The Paid social rebel referral program is not what it sounds like. It promises to pay you up to $50 for signing up and a further $20 for each referral you make. You also get credit for every click your referral makes, so you can withdraw your profits anytime. The program offers many different opportunities to earn money, including surveys, testing applications, and promoting their website. However, some of the applications require you to pay money and submit your credit card details.

SocialRebel’s referral program is unrealistic. While you can earn up to $20 per referral, the earnings are very limited. They range from $2 for every click to $20 for every signup. These figures are too high for most people to be able to cash out. SocialRebel users also warn about the safety of sharing payment information on their site.

Promised $50 bonus per sign up

The Social Rebel app promises to give users up to $50 bonus every time they refer someone. This bonus can be withdrawn after completion of other offers. However, you will have to fulfill many offers before you can withdraw your money. This app is not legit. As a signup bonus, you will have to complete several offers before you can cash out. Among these offers are earning $220 in offer commissions, inviting five friends and getting at least 15 clicks. If you do not want to complete the requirements, you should not register for this program.

Social Rebel has a lot of negative customer reviews. It is also the subject of a group lawsuit. The reason for this is that the company has not been paying its customers the money they have promised. In one screenshot posted on Reddit, one user claims that he is owed $4820. What is more, this company is always putting up new requirements to withdraw your money.

Earning money with social rebel

Earning money with SocialRebel is as easy as copying a caption and submitting it to the app. You will be credited within fifteen to twenty minutes. The app works with multiple apps and is available for download for free. Users can also earn money by referring friends. SocialRebel is a great option for people who want to make money without having to work in a real job.

Earning money with Social Rebel is very easy and can be done from the comfort of your own home. You will be paid every time someone clicks on your referral link. You will get paid as much as $20 for every sign-up. In addition to the referral program, you can earn money by testing apps and watching videos. You can even earn $12 by subscribing to YouTube.

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