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How to Keep Your Chubby Goldfish Healthy

If you have a goldfish at home and want it to be more healthy, you should give it a variety of food. The best choices for a healthy fish are fish flakes and blanched vegetables. These two types of foods are designed to meet all of your goldfish’s dietary needs. They also provide fiber to your goldfish’s digestive tract, which is important to keep them healthy.

Ranchu goldfish

While they are known to be chubby, Ranchu goldfish are actually not that chubby. This is because they tend to produce less waste, meaning that they don’t accumulate as much fat as other types of goldfish. Another aspect of grooming is balancing the timing of water changes to promote optimal fin development. The water level in Ranchu goldfish aquariums is kept at a low level for the majority of the day, and it may even be changed daily in some cases.

The best tank size for a Ranchu goldfish is 10 gallons. You will also need to add another 5 gallons for each goldfish you plan to keep. Goldfish thrive in a tank with adequate surface area to keep them healthy and happy. In addition, their water needs a pH level between 7.2 and 7.6 to maintain a healthy balance.


Lionhead goldfish are one of the most popular varieties of goldfish. This variety has a round, fat belly that is about half an inch to five eighths of an inch in depth. The fish also have a smooth back, no dorsal fin, and a matching pair of pectoral fins and anal fins. Their head is rounded, and they swim with their head down.

When feeding a Lionhead, make sure to cut the food into bite-size pieces. Their appetites can be extremely strong, and overfeeding will cause water quality issues.


If you’re considering introducing a Comet chubby goldfish to your home pond, it’s important to remember that they’re not compatible with other types of goldfish. They need varied, healthy food to stay healthy and happy. Because they’re omnivorous, this type of fish is best housed in a pond that doesn’t get too hot or too cold.

The water temperature for comet fish should be 18-26 degC. They can handle a few degrees of temperature variation, but not sudden changes. Because they are prone to obesity, make sure the water is kept at the appropriate temperature for a healthy lifestyle. The food portion should be large enough for the fish to finish within five minutes to a minute. If the fish is not eating all of it, you need to remove the food from the tank immediately, as leftovers may cause the water to become contaminated.


Originally bred in China, the Oranda goldfish is a descendant of the wild Carp. These little fish are characterized by their stocky bodies and large head. They have fluffy fins and a pair of tail fins. They tend to feed on flakes, brine shrimp, spinach, and other vegetables.

The Oranda goldfish is smaller than its Lionhead cousins. Its tail is approximately two-thirds of its body length. The fish’s tail fins tend to fan out when it stops swimming. The scales of this goldfish are of the metallic variety, and they come in a range of colors and patterns. The average Oranda is around seven inches long, but they may grow to larger sizes with proper care.

Black Moor

When choosing a tank for your Black Moor chubby goldfish, make sure it is large enough to accommodate the fish’s size and temperament. They do best in tanks with a minimum of 30 gallons of water, but you can begin with a smaller tank if you like. Their preferred habitat is a tank with fine gravel and plenty of plants that are hardy. While they will eat any fish food, they are known for their preference for a gravel bottom.

These fish are very social, and do well in community tanks with other goldfish. Although their slow swimming speed and weak eyesight make them susceptible to aggression, they are generally non-aggressive and will live well with other goldfish in a shared tank. Their preferred tank mates include other goldfish with similar temperaments and lifestyles. Angelfish, catfish, and mollies are a good choice because they are less aggressive and will not harm your black moor goldfish. Snails are also a good option, though they can confuse your goldfish with their food and make them a nuisance.

Celestial eye

Celestial eye goldfish have a unique pattern on their eyes. They are brown or black in color and are fixed in an upward-gazing position. They are generally a good addition to any goldfish collection as adults, but they should only be kept by experienced goldfish keepers. They can live for about ten years and grow to be around five inches long.

This goldfish is a delicate species that needs a tank with sand on the bottom. Aquatic plants are preferred over silk plants, as they can scratch the fish’s sensitive eyes. Celestial goldfish are best kept in aquariums with at least 20 gallons in capacity. They should not be kept in aquariums with faster fish or other weaker ones.

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