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Alex Valera – Peruvian Soccer Player

Alex Valera is a forward for the Peruvian national team

Alex Valera is a professional football player from Peru who plays for the Saudi Arabian club Al Fateh and the Peruvian national team. He has won several international caps and is a good player in the forward position.

He is a goleador in the Saudi Professional League

Alex Valera is an Argentinean goleador who is now a part of the Al-Fateh plant of the Saudi Professional League. His team has been in training since the beginning of the season and the club is hoping to qualify for the next season of the Saudi Professional League. He has shown good skills in recent practices and is expected to shine during the upcoming matches.

He has played in the Copa Libertadores

Despite having a busy career, Alex Valera’s Copa Libertadores debut has come when he was just 19 years old. Valera scored nine goals and assisted four more in his debut season and was awarded the Newcomer of the Year award ahead of Matias Succar. The youngster then went on to earn his first call-up to the Peruvian national team. However, the midfielder’s international debut was spoiled by a Coronarvirus infection. The disciplinary commission of the South American Football Confederation suspended him for two days and fined the club three thousand dollars.

He is a shadow striker

Alex Valera is a 26-year-old Peruvian footballer. He is 183 cm tall and prefers to play on his left foot. His jersey number is 20. His style of play is mainly a forward, but he can also play as a striker.

He has a powerful left foot

Alex Valera has a strong left foot and has the ability to score from various areas of the pitch. He uses his pace and intelligence to time his movement with his teammates and arrive in good positions to receive the ball. He is also able to accelerate onto through balls and crosses. In addition, he is also a hard-working and determined forward. He has scored 10 goals in eight games so far in his professional career.

He can score from different areas of the pitch

Alex Valera’s rise to prominence in Peru’s top flight has been a slow one. He was left out of the national team in 2016 and spent a year playing beach soccer, but was called up for the national team in 2018. This year, he won his first cap for the national team and went on to represent Peru in the Copa America. Since then, Alex Valera has been travelling the length of the country in search of a chance to play in the top tier. He started out with Pirata FC in Chiclayo before moving south to play for Deportivo Garcilaso in 2019.

He has played beach soccer

A few years ago, Alex Valera, a star in Peru’s national football team, was a beach soccer player. This sport has taught him some special skills and abilities that are not available in regular football. He is a strong forward with incredible shooting and finishing ability. He attributes his success to his beach soccer training.

He has had a successful career so far

Alex Valera started his career at Deportivo Garcilaso in Cusco and later moved to Universitario de Deportes. He made his professional debut in 2020 and scored nine goals for his club. After that he got a call from the Peruvian national team and became a regular. He later became a star signing for Universitario de Deportes and has enjoyed a successful career so far.

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