Real Madrid 6 2 Match PreviewReal Madrid 6 2 Match Preview

Barcelona Vs Real Madrid 6 2 Match Preview

In this Barcelona vs Real Madrid 6 2 match preview, we’ll discuss the start XI of Pep Guardiola, Lionel Messi’s 26th Clasico goal, and the balance between width and central presence. We’ll also examine the intelligent pressing of the Spanish side.

Pep Guardiola’s starting XI

Pep Guardiola’s starting XXI for Barcelona vs Real Madrid has been revealed. Guardiola is known for his high ball retention levels, and is known for closing down areas in the final third of a game. His teams are also known for their defensive shapes and maneuvers. Pep likes to play with a high backline and has the players press from the front.

Real Madrid were in excellent form at the time of the game and had a 17-game unbeaten run. They were expected to do well against Barcelona, who beat them at Camp Nou last season. The defeat was a blow for Real Madrid and showed the rise of Barcelona under Guardiola.

Lionel Messi’s 26th Clasico goal

Lionel Messi has scored his 26th goal in the El Clasico against Real Madrid. His goal came after excellent pressing from Luis Suarez. The Argentinian went on to beat Casemiro, Sergio Ramos, and Keylor Navas to get the ball to the back of the net. With this goal, Messi moves one goal closer to Cristiano Ronaldo’s record for most El Clasico goals in a single season.

Messi’s 26th goal is the most ever scored by a Barcelona player in El Clasico. It also made him the top-scorer in the competition. He has the most goals and assists in Clasico history.

Barca’s balance of width and central presence

Barca’s balance of width and central appearance was a key factor in this match. Despite the absence of Suarez, the right-sided trio of Roberto, Semedo, and Messi all played an important role in defending the middle third. Both players occupied halfspaces to keep the defensive third compact and closed down passing lanes. Semedo’s central positioning allowed him to provide cover in defence while his quickness allowed him to take on the ball in the space left by Messi.

Barca’s midfield was one of the best in the world for five years, but the team’s central midfield has been suspect in recent years. Busquets has been out of form lately, and Rakitic doesn’t control games as well as Xavi did. However, Modric and Kroos both have the ability to play deep, even without a holding midfielder. Having a true holding midfielder is crucial in a team, and Croatia’s lack of one could leave them vulnerable to Messi’s movement.

Pep Guardiola’s intelligent pressing

Pep Guardiola’s intelligent pressing was one of the key components to the victory over Real Madrid. The Barcelona manager wanted his team to recover the ball as quickly as possible and catch their opponents in a defensive position. He introduced a six-second rule which required his players to press at high intensity. This allowed the closest players to rush towards the player in possession and the rest of the team to close together and form a tight defensive shape.

The formation of his team was a combination of diamonds and triangles, giving it a very compact appearance. It also prevented Bayern from creating any dangerous attacks as they were unable to get into the central areas.

Real Madrid’s late night partying

Real Madrid’s WAGs celebrate after winning the Champions League. Luana Atik and Mishel Gerzig, who were instrumental in Rodrygo’s late-game goals, partied all night after the match. After the win, Mishel posted a video of herself inside the Bernabeu.

The capital of Madrid is renowned for its late night partying. The capital is home to many bars, nightclubs, and discos. The nightlife in Madrid generally begins in the late afternoon and continues well into the early morning hours. Locals flock to these nightclubs for a good time.

One of the best places to enjoy Madrid’s late night partying is La Latina, a picturesque hub of the city. La Corolla is the epitome of Spanish charm, with an impressive collection of wines from around the world. The lively atmosphere is enhanced by good music and excellent beer.

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