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Telasco Segovia

Telasco Segovia Pérez is a Venezuelan professional footballer. He currently plays for Italian Serie A club Sampdoria. He is a box-to-box midfielder. Read on to discover more about Telasco Segovia and his football career.

Telasco Segovia Pérez is a Venezuelan professional footballer

Telasco Segovia Pérez was born on 2 April 2003 in Barquisimeto, Venezuela. He is a midfielder. He currently plays for Italian club Sampdoria and also represents his country at the U23 level.

He is a box-to-box midfielder and prefers to play with his right foot. He plays in the central midfield position and has been used as a holding midfielder in the past. He is a very talented player and has great technical ability.

The midfielder is highly talented and a strong candidate to make the squad. He made his Primera Divison debut with Deportivo Lara at the age of 17. He was named the best young player in the Primera Divison, alongside 21-year-old Samson Akinyola and 19-year-old Carlos Vivas. His adaptability, high work rate, and sublime control of the ball have helped him achieve success at such a young age.

He is a box to box midfielder

Telasco Segovia is a 19-year-old midfielder from Venezuela. He is 175 cm tall and prefers to play with his right foot. He has played as both a holding midfielder and deep-lying playmaker in his career. He has also played in a number of international competitions.

The Venezuelan is a box-to-box midfielder whose technical ability sets him apart from his peers. He can glide up the pitch with ease, producing moments of creativity, striking the ball with power, and chipping in defensively. He is one of the most talented box-to-box players in the world.

While box-to-box midfielders have been marginalized in recent years, their importance is not diminished. There are still many players who can perform well in this position. Manchester United’s Paul Pogba is one such example. His technical ability and high-level passing skills enable him to operate as a forward-thinking central midfield double pivot.

A box-to-box midfielder is an essential part of a team’s attack. He needs to be strong so that he can get into tackles with force and resist the challenges of his opposing players. In addition to strength, box-to-box midfielders must be adept at pressing their opponents. This allows them to get into good positions to challenge opponents and intercept the ball.

He plays for Deportivo Lara

Telasco Segovia is a professional footballer from Venezuela. He currently plays for the Italian club Sampdoria in Serie A. He was born in Caracas. He is a member of the Venezuelan national team. His national team was ranked seventh in the world for the 2011-12 season.

The story of Telasco Segovia begins with his great-great-grandfather, a Portuguese player who played for the Portuguese in Barquisimeto in the 1940s. His father was a Lara trainer, and Telasco Segovia III, who is only sixteen, followed in his footsteps.

Telasco Segovia was born in Caracas. He played for Deportivo Lara’s youth teams and made his professional debut in the Primera Divison when he was just 17. He started as a winger, but quickly developed into a midfielder. He played twelve games in the season, contributing to the team’s third place finish.

Telasco Segovia is a playmaker who can control the possession of the ball. He has great ideas and technique and is willing to challenge opponents. He is a polite and intelligent player who reads the game well. He is a future Top Player.

Segovia’s talent is a rare find. He is a modern day creator with an exceptional activity and vision. His talent is comparable to the likes of Enzo Fernandez at River Plate.

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