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You may have noticed a change on recently. We’ve made some changes to the website, including a new look and the Dates and Contents. Keep reading to learn more about the new! Here’s what you should expect from the changes. Also, check out the R

EAL Makeover!

Redesign of realmagazine

After an increase in subscriptions during the past quarter, REAL magazine is getting a face lift. The new cover features Connie Ferguson, who recently started her role in the M-Net soapie The Wild. The magazine’s editor, Dudu Mvimbi Leshabane, has listened to her readers to create a magazine that they want to read. To that end, the editors have tweaked fonts, body types, page numbers and straps.

New look

REAL magazine is changing its look to improve its visibility in the market. The new design features Connie Ferguson on the cover. The actress has recently appeared in M-Net’s soapie The Wild, and the magazine’s editor, Dudu Mvimbi Leshabane, is well aware of what readers want. He’s tweaked the fonts and body types to make the magazine look more modern. The magazine is also revamping its page numbers, straps, and headers.


Realmagazine is a magazine with various sections. Its covers and inner layout have been redesigned. This edition includes a Trash section, which replaces the comics by drew and Hi! Monkey. It is also renamed to “net”. Its first issue, published in 1994, had the controversial “Web Drifter” column by Martin Sargent. The column, which contained vulgar language, was later cancelled.


REAL magazine has recently revamped its look and feel. The new edition has a new cover featuring Connie Ferguson, who has a new role in the M-Net soapie The Wild. The new cover design also includes tweaks to the fonts and body types to be more reader friendly. The new look also features an easy-to-read title, a striking photo, good color contrast, and clear, easy-to-understand sub-headlines.

Magazine cover designs were historically poster-like, where the cover photograph was the most important component. It conveyed the idea that the entire magazine is a picture worthy of framing. The use of cover lines gradually increased in the twentieth century, and eventually threatened to overshadow the cover photograph.

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