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Are You the One Season 3 Matches

Are You The One season 3 matches have been decided. Tyler’s perfect match was Britni Thornton. Nelson Thomas and Melanie Velez were Tyler’s other perfect matches. Devin Walker-Molaghan and Cheyenne were Tyler’s second-best matches. They broke up after the season 3 finale. Nelson and Stacey appear to have moved on to different projects. Nelson is currently a YouTube star, while Stacey is living in New York. Stacey also appears to have gotten involved with Cameo. Cheyenne was previously featured on Teen Mom. Recently, she gave birth to a baby.

Tyler’s perfect match was Britni Thornton

Britni Thornton is a former contestant of MTV’s reality show ‘The Challenge’. She is 31 years old and has been married twice. Her last relationship ended in divorce and she has gone on to become a fitness trainer and YouTube star. She has also dated Chuck Mowery and Brad Fiorenza since filming ended. After the show, Britni Thornton dated Brad Fiorenza and Devin Walker-Molaghan.

In the show, Britni and Chuck were paired together. They started dating and had a child together. However, after the show, Chuck and Britni split up. However, they remain friends. Chuck went on to become an actor and model while Melanie became a fitness instructor.

Fans of the show can catch up on seasons one and two by streaming them on Netflix or by renting them on Amazon Prime Video. You can also watch Are You the One season three on CBS All Access.

Devin Walker-Molaghan

Devin Walker-Molaghan is known as a master manipulator. He has also appeared on ‘The Challenge’ and impressed viewers with his lighthearted approach and charismatic performance. He carried the season 36 of the reality series. He made his television debut at the age of 26 on ‘Are You the One?’ Season 3. In the show, he refused to separate from Kiki Cooper despite their apparent attraction. He later admitted he did not have feelings for her. This behavior turned the other housemates against him.

He also has a long history of trying to get involved with groups of three. On his Are You the One profile, he states that he spends a lot of time organizing threesomes through Tinder. His personal motto is “Never give up on love.” He gets involved in a love triangle early on in the show.

Devin is a great villain, stirring up the pot without getting too dramatic. For example, he made a mistake by not throwing his partner into elimination, but he made the right choice by convincing his teammate to not go after an easy gold skull. He has also gained the respect of Reddit users.

Nelson Thomas

Nelson Thomas is a competitor on the reality show The Challenge. He makes a name for himself in each season and regularly targets the other competitors with jokes. Nelson is also known for his crazy workout regimes. He brings a lot of energy to the competition, especially in the finals. Nelson has a record of 6-1-1 in the elimination rounds.

Nelson Thomas is 26 years old and originally from San Marcos, Texas. He was in a relationship with Cheyenne Floyd. He then went into the Truth Booth with Kiki Cooper. Despite being in a relationship with Cheyenne Floyd, Nelson Thomas was not the perfect match for her. However, he was given a second chance in the show with Stacey Gurnevich. However, this match didn’t work out romantically.

Nelson and Chelsey are the next couple to go on a date. They are matched up with one another after the challenge. Nelson gets to know about Zak and Cheyenne’s kiss. In addition, Britni tries to erase Hannah’s feelings towards Chuck.

Melanie Velez

Melanie Velez is a reality television star from New York. She was a fitness instructor before joining Are You the One? season three. She did not form any relationships during the season, but did go into the Truth Booth with Alec Gonzalez. The two never continued their relationship. After the season, Velez got involved with another reality TV star, Chuck Mowery, who has since gone on to date Britni Thorton.

The third season of Are You the One has brought new cast members and twenty new singles to Hawaii for the competition. The aim of this season is to find the perfect match for each of the cast members. They will match them up using an algorithm that calculates their compatibility. The season will feature a total of ten matches, and each perfect match will win $1 million, split between the two. Unlike season two, Are You the One season 3 matches are not necessarily arranged.

After the season three finale, Nelson and Stacey broke up. Nelson has since gone on to become a YouTube star, and Stacey is now living in New York. She has also appeared on Teen Mom, and appears to have joined Cameo. Cheyenne, meanwhile, has been on Teen Mom before. She has a baby.

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