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Are You The One Season 4 Matches

Are you the one season 4 matches are in full swing, and we’re ready to break down all the matches, starting with Sam Handler and Alyssa Ortiz, and ending with the final match between Cameron and Mikala. Which are the best matches? Read on to find out.

Sam Handler and Alyssa Ortiz

Sam Handler and Alyssa met on Are You The One season four. The pair were each 22 years old when they participated in the dating game show. They are both from Barrington, Illinois, and they met in the reality show’s “true matches” competition. The reality show revealed that Handler was his perfect match during the truth booth during week six.

Sam and Alyssa developed a close friendship during the fourth season and began dating in week six. Although the two were initially a perfect match, their relationship began to deteriorate as they moved into Alyssa’s honeymoon suite. Unfortunately, they ended up breaking up because of their matchmaking.

Asaf and Francesca

The finale of season four of The Bachelor has come and gone, with the one match that is sure to be the biggest surprise. Asaf and Francesca are paired to become a couple. However, the relationship between Asaf and Francesca may not be as hot as it seems. Asaf is not ready to commit to a relationship with Francesca, and Francesca may be jealous.

Unlike the previous seasons, this season’s matchups did not produce perfect matches. In fact, some of the matches made a lot of sense, and others were completely shocking. The good news is that the couples who were paired with perfect matches were rewarded with large sums of money.

Giovanni and Francesca

The one season 4 matchup that has no doubt been one of the highlights is Giovanni and Francesca. Although the two are the best looking couples on the show, they are also the most insecure. Gio said he lost everything to Prosper, but it’s hard to say whether he is mad or not with him. Francesca, on the other hand, seemed to use any guy who needed her.

Giovanni and Francesca’s match on Are You The One season 4 didn’t make much sense at first, but they’re still dating. Giovanni and Francesca’s relationship wasn’t exactly the most perfect, but it did provide the two with a second chance to think about their relationship. Even if the two weren’t perfect, they’re still together and in love.

Cameron and Mikala

In their first season together, Cameron and Mikala had a great chemistry and a strong connection. They also became a couple and moved in together after filming. They later reunited on Are You The One: Second Chances. But their relationship has already taken a turn. The couple split up and are no longer together.

They broke up five months after the show. Mikala went on to date Joe Torgerson from season 6 of the show. They’ve been dating for two years, and they’re even engaged! Cameron, however, has moved on. He’s not dating anyone since their Season 4 match.

Are You the One: Season 4 premiered on MTV on June 13, 2016. This season, the show featured many couples that thought they had found their perfect matches, but ended up being incompatible. Mikala’s mother, Nicole, wants to get to know Cameron better, so she sends her daughter to the truth booth. Mikala and Cameron were the first couples to be confirmed as the season’s matches. The two moved in together after the season and also starred in Are You the One: Second Chances.

Morgan and Tori

Tori and Morgan dated on The Bachelorette before the show’s fourth season, but they were never seriously engaged. The two stayed friends after the show, though they developed a romantic relationship in the process. After the show, the two dated again, though Tori ended up getting involved with Morgan’s roommate, Mike, and the two decided to part ways. Tori is currently engaged to Jordan Wiseley, and Morgan is still single.

The first season of the show saw Morgan St. Pierre and Tori Deal dating for a brief period. They developed a deep bond over the course of the show, but later broke up. Tori went on to date other men. However, they reunited during the second season of Are You the One? Second Chances. Today, both of them have busy lives – Morgan is an author and podcast host and has a self-care organization.

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