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The First Trailer For Season 5 of Florida Shore

The fifth season of Florida Shore is coming this fall, and the first trailer for the season has just been released. It features lots of twerking and drinking, as well as running away from security cameras and cuddly friends. While it doesn’t show any new sexual content, the trailer does offer plenty of information about the show’s characters.

Nilsa Prowant

Nilsa Prowant, the star of MTV’s ‘Florida Shore,’ first appeared on the series on November 27, 2017. She is 25 years old and weighs a bit over five pounds. She’s a model and photographer who has an extensive social media following. Prowant’s boyfriend Gus Smyrnios is also a model and a make-up artist.

The cast of Florida Shore recently attended Nilsa Prowant’s wedding. She and her castmates were told that their big day would be featured in season five. The cast expected filming to resume in February, but the COVID outbreak caused the show to be delayed.

It’s hard to know whether Nilsa Prowant will return for season five of Florida Shore. She announced that she was pregnant in May, and the show was expected to feature the couple’s wedding in the next season. Although this announcement has sparked speculation, the show’s producers have yet to confirm or deny any changes. If the show decides to go ahead, the star may be replaced by a newcomer or an entirely new cast.

Kortni Gilson

After leaving the show and taking time off to deal with mental health problems, Kortni Gilson will not be returning for season five of Florida Shore. The former reality star quit the show for personal reasons, and will now work as a mental health advocate. She will be replaced by Mattie Lynn Breaux. Gilson’s decision to leave the show was met with criticism online.

She also opened up about the sexual assault she suffered at the hands of her boyfriend. Gilson said that her boyfriend did not believe her at first, but it was understandable considering the amount of alcohol and medication she was consuming. In addition to sharing the sexual assault, Gilson has been posting updates on her mental health journey. The model also promotes various brands on her Instagram account.


The cast of Smyrnios in Florida Shore is no longer on the show, according to a report from TMZ. The show’s producers were accused of taking advantage of Gus’ mental state and exploiting him in the process. According to Gus, the producers of the show abused him and took advantage of his lack of self-esteem, and it’s time he stepped away from the show.

Although the show isn’t canceled, it is unlikely to be renewed for a fifth season. The cast members are currently busy with their personal lives, and it’s hard to tell when production will begin. Nilsa Prowant has just given birth to her first child, Candace Rice has been asked to star in a movie, and Gus Smyrnios has publicly denied he’ll return to the show. MTV has yet to confirm the news.

Smyrnios’ engagement

Gus Smyrnios, star of MTV’s Florida Shore, has announced his engagement to girlfriend Samantha Carucci on Instagram. The couple first met on Indian Shores beach in January 2021. The couple got engaged on the beach in January 2022. They went on to spend their honeymoon in Montego Bay, Jamaica.

The couple had a year of growth before tying the knot. They lost their father in December, learned that they were expecting a child in January, and were engaged in February. They shared the news on Instagram and congratulated one another. They are currently planning their wedding.

MTV has not officially confirmed if Florida Shore will return, but many fans are hoping they do. It’s also possible that the cast could recast the show. According to sources, Gus Smyrnios has said on Twitter that the network asked him to step down from the show. However, his main tweet has since been deleted.

Smyrnios’ plan to marry Samantha Carucci

Gus Smyrnios and Samantha Carucci have officially announced their engagement in Florida. The couple started dating in September 2021 and have been together for nine months. The two met while filming Season 4B of Florida Shore. They shared their engagement announcement and photos on Instagram. During their honeymoon, they reportedly went to Montego Bay, Jamaica.

In addition to announcing their relationship on social media, Smyrnios has also been posting updates about his life. He recently had three shoulder surgeries. In addition to getting married, he is currently living in Florida.

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