New Year BashNew Year Bash

The Hyuga new year bash is one of the most important rituals in Chinese culture. The ceremony is a time of family reunion, with gifts exchanged between family members and people who have passed away being welcomed back into the main family. During the celebration, men who wish to propose to a woman will give her jewelry and a peony flower. The woman who accepts the proposal will pin the flower in her hair and keep the ring.

Hyuuga’s cult of truth

The Hyuga are members of a long lost monastery who believe in a god called Tian. This god is a physical manifestation of heaven. They are characterized by white eyes and have the ability to see chakra inside one’s body, solid objects, and the universe in general. The Hyuga see themselves as descendants of Tian, but they also see themselves as heretics.

The Hyuuga celebrate the new year by honoring the god Tian. The festival begins on the last day of the previous year, at sundown, and lasts until the eleventh day of the new year. Each of the sixteen days is marked by a different festival. Most people spend the new year outdoors, with fireworks bursting into the sky just before sunset.

The Hyuuga are divided into three families. These families aren’t blood-related, but they are united by the belief in the god Tian and in the Chosen One. The main branch is the Rida family. It has ruled the other two families for as long as the history records. It has a curse mark that allows it to enforce its will. Unfortunately, the Rida family has been decimated in recent events.

Hyuuga culture is heavily based on Tiantangism. They believe that when they die, their souls will join the lord. They also practice ancestor worship and raise their children to honor their ancestors. They believe that not performing their best will bring shame to the ancestors.

Rite of Tongguo

The preparation for the New Year festivities often begins long before the actual date of the holiday. As the old year draws to a close, people begin to tidy up loose ends and put things back into order. The Chinese New Year Bash is no exception. Chinese people traditionally visit close friends and family during the first few days of the new year.

Ancestor worship

The Chinese religion focuses on ancestor worship, which involves the veneration of deceased ancestors. This tradition crosses geographical and socioeconomic lines and has a long history, dating back to Neolithic times. The Shang-dynasty oracle bone inscriptions, the oldest documents written in Chinese, contain references to sacrifices performed to appease the spirits of the dead.

During the three-day celebration, family members exchange gifts. This is meant to honor the deceased and show them how much they are loved. Some families also invite relatives who have passed away to join the family. Men who want to propose to their partners will present their beloved with jewelry and a peony flower. The woman who accepts will pin the flower in her hair and keep the ring.

While the Chinese follow a common calendar, the Hyuga celebrate their festivals according to the Taiyin calendar, which relies on the lunar cycle and astronomical phenomena. The first new moon in the Taiyin calendar occurs on the last day of the previous year, and the twelve days of the holiday are each marked by a separate festival. Traditionally, these celebrations are held in private and with little fanfare.

Ancestral worship is an important part of Chinese culture. It helps cultivate kinship values and is carried out in temples and homes. The ancestors’ spirits are said to care for the living and watch over the family’s affairs. They are also believed to be in a position to influence the fortune of the living.

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