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Why Not Both?

We’ve all seen the old El Paso ads with the Why Not Both girl refusing to choose between the crunchy tacos and the soft ones. But we’ve never quite understood her one-liner. Is this a feminist statement? Or just an ad campaign? Either way, we can’t blame her for being confused. After all, she’s not the only person who has ever made the same choice.

Mia Agraviador’s one-liner in the Old El Paso commercial

Mia Agraviador became famous when she was six years old, thanks to a Spanish catchphrase. Her catchphrase, “Porque no los dos?” translates to “why not both?” The teen, who is now 20 years old, is a barista in Sydney, Australia. She still claims to be ‘that taco girl’ and is proud of her catchphrase.

Her one-liner has since made her an internet sensation. She has been featured in several commercials, including a New Zealand TV ad, and even in a SBS Insight episode. She has continued to gain fame and recognition despite being only six years old at the time of filming.

Mia Agraviador’s catchphrase has since become a meme, making her the focus of a worldwide internet sensation. The six-year-old has since appeared in other commercials with the catchphrase ‘Porque No Los Dos?’ and has also been featured in other advertisements for Koala furniture in Australia. These days, she works as a barista in Sydney and also stars in a new ad for a furniture brand in Australia.

While she works as a barista in Sydney, Australia, Ms Agraviador has become an international sensation through her catchphrase. The catchphrase has even inspired a radio campaign by Triple J in Australia. However, Ms Agraviador has not always enjoyed the attention that has followed her. At school, she was constantly asked to pose for selfies and her friends would ask her to repeat it for them. The attention she has received has made her feel uncomfortable.

The one-liner “Why Not Both?” has become an iconic slogan, immortalized in the eyes of a generation. In an era where the taco is everywhere, the slogan “Why Not Both?” is now a mantra that has captivated the attention of the world. Not only is it catchy, it’s also a meme.

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