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The Scentsy dashboard is your online workspace where you can place orders, plan and announce online parties, and track sales. The dashboard will also help you promote your business and recruit new Consultants. Once you sign up, you’ll be able to access your dashboard at any time. Once you have logged in, you can even manage your order history.

Login to Scentsy Workstation

The Scentsy Workstation dashboard is an online tool that helps Consultants manage their business. The dashboard contains information about customers and orders, training, policies and rules, and more. You can also view your business calendar, manage your events, and even recruit new consultants. You can login to your Scentsy Workstation dashboard to access this information from any computer. Getting started with your business can be a simple process if you know where to find the right tools.

To access the Scentsy Workstation dashboard, you need to login with your consultant ID# and password. These are required to access the Scentsy business tools and services. The workstation dashboard also allows you to place orders and track their status.

Sign up for Scentsy

To sign up for Scentsy Dashboard, you’ll need your consultant ID# and password. Once you have those, you can visit the sign-in page. If you don’t remember these, contact your sponsor or Scentsy support for assistance. Once you’ve received your login information, follow the directions on the dashboard to log in.

The dashboard is a great tool for Scentsy consultants to manage their business and sell the company’s fragrances. It includes tools to place online orders and track your sales. It also has tools to help you promote your products and recruit new Consultants.

Access your dashboard

Your dashboard is a place where you can do everything from placing orders to tracking sales. It also lets you set up parties and advertise them online. As a Scentsy consultant, you can also access your dashboard to recruit new Consultants. To access your dashboard, you need to log in with your Scentsy login credentials.

You can access your dashboard on your computer, tablet, or mobile phone wherever you have access to the internet. This feature allows you to look up your customers and manage orders, send special offers and events, and manage your calendar. This dashboard also has forums and training center information for you to use.

Place orders

The Scentsy dashboard is where you place orders, set up parties, and manage your sales. It’s also where you can promote your products and recruit new Consultants. Here you can enter the names of your customers, order information, and credit card information. You can also use this feature to keep track of the amount of sales each month.

To access the dashboard, you must have your consultant ID# and password. These can be obtained from your sponsor or by calling Scentsy customer support. Using your credentials, you can sign in and place orders on the Scentsy website.

Track sales

The Scentsy dashboard is where you can place orders, set up parties, and track sales. It is a useful tool for anyone interested in building a business with Scentsy. The dashboard allows you to track your orders and sales and also provides you with news and resources. You can also use the dashboard to recruit new consultants.

Tracking sales on the dashboard is easy and convenient. The system includes a feature to transfer funds to your bank account. It also allows you to view receipts and order additional items from a sponsoring organization.

Recruit new consultants

As a Scentsy consultant, you will have the opportunity to earn money by selling the company’s products. You will earn 2% commissions on the combined sales of your recruits. You can also earn more by becoming a Lead Consultant, which requires 500 PRV points per month. You will find all the materials you need for your parties in your Scentsy Starter Kit. Scentsy recommends creating a fun and festive environment during your parties, which will help you recruit more people. In addition, you can even have home parties to identify potential recruits.

In order to access the dashboard, you will need to enter your Consultant ID# and password. You will also need to have a valid email address and a Scentsy card. After you have these information, you can begin learning about the Scentsy workstation.

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