How Long Do Idiots LiveHow Long Do Idiots Live

If you’re wondering how long do idiots live, you’ve come to the right place. The internet is full of emos, fools, and TikTok users. The internet has a tendency to make people out ofsensitive to certain things, but that doesn’t mean they’re all bad. In fact, the internet has given people a unique weapon against negative emotions. Outrage and shock are a form of virtual currency on social media, and the more angry someone’s fans get, the more engagement that person will receive. As long as it’s funny and in the right context, outrage and shock can become very powerful currencies, which can lead to fame and money.


In February 2022, a viral TikTok video and the Google search bar set the stage for a new internet meme: ‘How long do idiots live?’ The question prompted a huge debate, with some saying that the average idiot lives for only a few years before he or she dies, while others say that the average idiot lives for a very long time. Life expectancy varies significantly from country to country, but according to Google, average life expectancy is around twelve to fifteen years. Despite this oxymoron, there is no way to know exactly how long an idiot lives on TikTok.

The answer to the question, “How long do idiots live on TikToking?” is a bit more complicated than you might think. In order to answer the question, you first need to understand what an Emo personality is. This personality type is characterized by extreme sensitivity, anxiety, and emotionality.

Life expectancy of idiots

According to a new study, higher IQs are linked to longer life expectancy. In fact, a higher IQ is directly related to a greater likelihood of living longer than a low-IQ person. People with high IQs have an almost 20 percent greater chance of living longer than people with low IQs. But this finding only applies to a small subset of people.

Men, as a group, are prone to shorter life expectancies. This disparity has long puzzled scientists. Many have looked for cultural, economic, and hormonal factors as causes. But what could explain the gap? One possible explanation for the difference in life expectancy between men and women is as simple as their gender.

Life expectancy of emos

A trend has emerged in the internet with videos of people answering silly questions, such as “How long do Emos live?” and “How long do idiots live?” The video with an emo character and a tall person is so popular, that it has over 343 million views. But how long does the average human lifespan really be?

The average human lifespan is around 78 years. But according to a study in Germany, people with a higher IQ have a 21% higher chance of living. But the study only looks at averages, which only accounts for about four people.

Life expectancy of sportsmen

There have been a number of studies conducted to understand the role of physical activity and age on the life expectancy of sportsmen. Most of these studies used USA-based sport organizations and matched controls to examine the relationship between age and mortality. Other studies looked at athletes from many different countries, including athletes in mixed sports.

A review of the literature found that the life expectancy of sportsmen is significantly higher than the general population. This trend is supported by a variety of factors, including the fact that male endurance athletes tended to live significantly longer than the general population. In addition, these male athletes tend to have higher levels of cardiorespiratory fitness throughout their life. In addition, research suggests that every 1 MET increase in maximal capacity decreases the risk of all-cause mortality by 15%.

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