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Those who are searching for good K Drama to watch for free, Bad Mouth may be just the right show for you. It’s a Korean drama that will bring you a story that is full of drama and romance. The show will also have a lot of characters that you will definitely love.

Release date

Previously, Big Mouth was only available in certain regions, but now all 16 episodes of the series have been released on Disney+. Fans can watch this Kdrama on their own at home. You can watch the show on the Disney+ website, but to do so you will need a VPN, or virtual private network, which will give you access to the internet.

The drama is a South Korean drama, which follows Park Chang-Ho (Lee Jon-such), a mediocre lawyer who becomes involved in a murder case. He attempts to clear his name after being implicated in a conspiracy. His wife, Go Mi-Ho (Poona), is also trying to help him. But when she learns that he has lost his job, she decides to divorce him.

The Drama received positive reviews and is getting a lot of hype on the internet. The cast includes Lee Jong-suk, Kim Joo-hun, Ok Jaeon, Kwak Dong-yeon, Yoona, Im Yoon-ah, and others. The show is also directed by Oh Chung Han.

Watch the pilot episode

Known for its high-quality plot development and twists, Big Mouth is a hard-boiled noir Drama starring actress Lee Jong Suk, and is directed by Oh Choong Han. The show’s first episode lays out the major players, and introduces several elements that will be explored in subsequent episodes. This Drama has received a 6.2% nationwide viewership rating, which is impressive for a pilot episode. It was also a success at its first air date, which was July 29, 2022, at 9:50 PM KST.

It’s also worth mentioning that this Drama is still ongoing. In the second episode, we learn about the protagonist’s plan, and it’s pretty exciting to see how the character’s story will unfold. This series has been praised by many critics and fans alike. If you’re a fan of Drama, you’ll definitely love this show!

Another plus for this Drama is that it has been released on Netflix and Hulu. These two platforms have a huge library of Drama shows, from Family Comedy to Crime Thriller Dramas.

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