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Viviane Bordin – Social Media Influencer, Model, and Founder of Diamond Brasil

Viviane Bordin is a social media influencer, model, and founder of an adult content platform. She is known for her sexy looks and empowering message for women. Currently, she has almost 1 million followers on Instagram. In this article, we’ll discuss her career, social media influence, and Instagram followers.


Viviane Bordin is an ex-conejita and model who has been in the industry for years. Even though she has a very successful career as a model, she never loses her sensuality. She is an icon of Playboy and the CEO of Diamond Brasil.

Before becoming a model, Viviane Bordin worked as a kart driver and was a magrinha. After having her children, she was a strict dieter, achieving a slimmer figure. She even lost 2 pounds after giving birth. Now, she’s a successful entrepreneur and is working on new projects.

The model is also a businesswoman, having been the CEO of Diamond Brazil for the last six years. She has since expanded the business into the U.S. and has plans to expand in other countries. In a recent interview, she talked about her business and what she’s up to.

Founder of adult content platform

Viviane Bordin is the founder and CEO of an adult content platform. Her modeling career has brought her enormous fame and has helped her expand her entrepreneurial vision. She has been featured on the covers of Playboy magazines and launched clothing lines. Viviane’s goal is to create content that empowers women and helps them reach their full potential.

Social media influencer

If you’re interested in creating a social media influencer marketing campaign, Viviane Bordin is the person to contact. She is active on Twitter and Facebook, and has been blogging for over six years. She has a huge following and is a leading voice in the fitness community. She also offers a number of free influencer marketing templates. Her website, Connect with Influencers, provides information on influencer marketing.

After a successful modeling career, Viviane Bordin sought to empower women. This led to a paradigm shift in her thinking. She decided to make her business goal of improving women’s self-esteem her number one priority. Since then, she has expanded her efforts into starting magazines and launching clothing lines.

Diamond Magazine founder

Viviane Bordin has a unique talent for exuding her beauty. She has worked in some of the leading sensual magazines and is now the founder of Diamond Magazine. Her vision is to change the societal perception of sensuality. She teaches students how to embrace their sensuality and use it to express themselves.

Viviane Bordin’s modeling career inspired her to explore the possibilities of female empowerment. This realization was the catalyst for a transformation in her thinking. She turned her passion for women’s empowerment into a business. Today, her vision for women’s self-esteem is becoming the focus of Diamond Magazine.

Before founding Diamond Magazine, Bordin was the capa of the popular Brazilian magazine, Playboy. She also launched the adult content platform ‘Only Diamonds’. In addition, Bordin has worked on several huge campaigns, including the launch of the ‘Only Diamonds’ platform.

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