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Ride Or Die – 30 Famous Quotes About Ride Or Die

The phrase “Ride or die” is often used to express the feeling of loyalty to friends and loved ones. It’s a wonderful way to show others that you’re willing to go the extra mile and risk your life for them. Read on to discover 30 famous ride or die quotes and their meanings.


Ride or die is the phrase that encapsulates the philosophy that every aspect of life should be cherished. Life is a gift from God and should be treated with the utmost importance. Quotes about ride or die are powerful inspirations that can guide us to take the next step.

The phrase originally referred to a riding relationship. Today, it is used to describe a relationship. The phrase has a lot of different meanings and is often used as an exaggeration. “Ride or die” can also refer to a friendship. On the Western television show, Dale Evans and Roy Rogers had a “ride or die” relationship.

Ride or die became popular in hip-hop music in the 1990s and early 2000s. Rappers like Charlie Baltimore and Drag-On made songs like “Ride or Die Chick” that referenced the gangster phrase. Throughout the years, the term has evolved from its gangster origins to become more universal. Hip-hop artists have taken the term and used it as a symbol of loyalty in relationships. However, this is not necessarily a healthy metaphor.


The term “ride or die” has a long history and is often associated with motorcycle culture. It originally refers to a motorcycle enthusiast’s commitment to riding a bike and joining a bike club. For these bikers, quitting would be like writing their death warrants. However, the phrase has come to mean more than just riding bikes. It’s also become a part of Hip-Hop culture and has been used by motorcyclists to talk about their love of riding motorcycles.

In a romantic relationship, a rider and a dier would both be considered “ride or die” lovers. Such relationships would be characterized by sacrifice and loyalty, and love and respect would be a must. A rider and a dier would be together through good times and tough times, both gaining and losing.

The phrase “ride or die” was first used in the 1950s biker culture. The “ride” part was literally standing by a man, but later, it became a broader expression of the concept. It was later used by both men and women in hip-hop. In fact, many songs in the genre are duets between male and female artists.


As children, we are taught that life is precious, and should be appreciated for all it’s worth. However, the true meaning of “ride or die” is not always about sacrificing our life for our romantic partner. It’s also about sacrificing for real friends. Whether you need them to board a bus or go to the hospital with you when your limo breaks down, real friends can make or break your life.

Many people use this phrase in their daily lives, but it is actually a figure of speech, or hyperbole. It is an exaggerated phrase that shows how far one would go for someone. The phrase originated in a western television show where Dale Evans and Roy Rogers had a “ride or die” relationship.

The term ride or die has become popularized in hip hop, and the phrase was also popularized by songs featuring Drag-On and Charlie Baltimore. Today, the phrase is often used to describe a woman who will do anything for a lover. While this may be the case in some cases, the phrase is often used as code for an unhealthy relationship.

Famous ride or die chicks

The concept of a “ride or die chick” is no stranger to hip hop, but it’s also found its way into other forms of pop culture. Andre’s wife, in season one of Empire, is a ride or die chick, as is Carmela Soprano on the show. Then there’s Method Man and Mary J. Blige, who portray two women who both lose their lives, one after the other.

Oftentimes, a ride or die chick is the witting accomplice of a partner who is committing amoral acts. Eva Braun was one of these women, committing suicide along with Adolf Hitler. Her role in the Holocaust is still questioned, but many think her actions are a lesson in feminism.

The ride or die trope is particularly dangerous for black women, who are disproportionally affected by abusive relationships. They are three times as likely to die in these situations than in any other group. Furthermore, they’re far less likely to seek help if their relationship becomes unhealthy. Despite this, many celebrity couples still rely on the ride or die concept to keep their relationships together.

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